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2:2, How do ya do?!


Along with minding your manners, being kind to others, constantly washing your hands, saying please and thank you, and of course, regularly brushing your teeth are probably things you’ve been reminded to do your whole life. 


In all honesty, Dr. Melanie and our team understand that the added step of cleaning your teeth properly before you go to bed can seem like one more thing on your long to-do list best of times. That is unless you consider this: if you’re following The American Dental Association’s (ADA) recommendation, otherwise known as the 2/2 rule (alongside flossing your teeth, brushing for 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes at night), it’s actually not that long. Keep in mind that each day has 1440 minutes, which means that taking proper care of your chompers only takes up as little as 0.5% of your day! 


Portable oral irrigator kit in bathroom, waterpik for family use

Life’s a Beach when you keep your Dental Hygiene Tools Within Reach


Think of your oral hygiene, like going to the beach for the day. Pretend you forgot your sunscreen – you may initially be able to avoid falling victim to sun damage, but ultimately you will get burned, and it will hurt. It’s the same idea as oral hygiene! Skipping steps will likely leave you with a dreaded cavity or can even extend your orthodontic treatment time. It’s also vital to consider that proper oral hygiene is also essential to help keep your whole body healthy. 


Finally, and most importantly, proper daily hygiene and avoiding certain foods will also help you get to the next phase of your life faster, without braces and a gorgeous smile to show for it! 



An Added Trick (hello, Waterpik) Will Leave you Feeling Slick.


If you’re wondering about the best strategy for flossing with braces, you’ve come to the right place. It’ll be no surprise that Dr. Melanie is a major fan of taking good care of your teeth, especially when her patients take extra care when flossing with braces. On that note, you’ve likely heard of using a waterpik for braces. Waterpiks, or water flossers as they’re sometimes called, are a bonus step Dr. Melanie recommends if you want to achieve that million-dollar, designer smile. 


It’s key to remember that while waterpiks help clear your mouth of grime and germs, they’re meant to be used alongside your regular dental hygiene routine of flossing and brushing. So, if you’re wondering, can a Waterpik replace flossing with braces? The answer is no. But, it’s better to think of waterpiks like eating that extra vegetable at dinner; ultimately, it’s very good for you, and you’ll be healthier having eaten it.


Avoid the Food Flick: Invest in a Waterpik

Avoid the Food Flick: Invest in a Waterpik


Waterpiks are great for your overall dental health. They help remove extra plaque and food build-up, and they can even help you achieve a brighter smile, regardless of whether you have braces. Though, they’re especially helpful for those who are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment. 


What’s more annoying than trying to flick out that chunk of lunch stuck in your braces with your tongue? It’s annoying, kind of gross and usually pretty ineffective. It may even prompt you to **gasp** use your pen or some other tool that could damage your braces to get it out. Want to avoid all that hassle? It’s time to invest in a Waterpik. 


What’s the Best of the Best?: Put Waterpik to the Test!


You’re likely wondering which is the best Waterpik for braces. While there are many options, and most are very effective, again, it’s essential to keep in mind that using a Waterpik does not take the place of flossing and should be used in tandem with a regular flossing routine. Though, adding a Waterpik to your oral hygiene routine means that your efforts are 3X as effective as traditional flossing alone.


One key feature to look for when flossing braces with a waterpik is purchasing one with an Orthodontic Tip. Not only does it include a tapered brush that helps effectively remove hard-to-reach plaque around those hard-to-reach areas, including brackets, wires, and other orthodontic hardware, but it also helps protect the integrity of your orthodontic appliance. 



Wondering How to Use a Waterpik with Braces? Cover Your Bases


Patients often give feedback that they’re fun to use and help them avoid staining sometimes caused by orthodontic treatment. Waterpiks use a steady stream of water to flush out any leftover plaque, and debris traditional flossing may have left behind. Dr. Melanie loves Waterpiks for her patients because they’re not difficult to utilize, even if you have challenges with your grip. 


They’re especially user-friendly because all you have to do is fill the Waterpik with water, lean over the sink and place the tip of the Waterpik in your mouth. From there, just in the tip at your gum line, and then let water flow from your mouth into the sink. It’s always key to remember to be leaning over the sink so you and your bathroom don’t accidentally take a starring role in your own version of Waterworld.


Waterpik for Braces

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For your added convenience Dr. Melanie has two offices, one in San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe.  To make things even easier, we also offer free virtual and in-person consultations.


If you have more questions about Waterpiks, or the orthodontic treatments we offer in general, like braces or clear aligners, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to schedule a free consultation, and please note that we also offer virtual consultations for your added convenience. 


If you’re looking for an orthodontist who takes offering top-notch care and service seriously, look no further than Dr. Melanie. We’re a friendly, welcoming practice with a relaxed atmosphere, and we’re all about being inclusive. We’re proud to specialize in treating patients with special needs and high anxiety. Everyone’s welcome at Dr. Melanie Orthodontics. So, whether you’re seven or 70, let’s do this!

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