Grin Virtual Monitoring

Orthodontic technology advances every year, making treatment an increasingly convenient and comfortable experience for Dr. Melanie Orthodontics’s patients. One of the ways we are able to provide this is through Grin Virtual Monitoring. Read on to learn more about this incredible remote monitoring system and how it can transform your experience!

What is Grin Virtual Monitoring? 

Complementary to your smile journey experience, Grin Virtual Monitoring is a digital orthodontic platform that provides remote observation overseen by your orthodontist during your clear aligner treatment. We provide you with a small reusable mouthpiece attachment for your smartphone that allows you to take orthodontist-ready photos, similar to those we take in our office, using their app. 

With the convenience of Grin, you can take your photos from anywhere! We are able to accommodate patients who live far away, students who have moved out for school, and others in difficult travel situations who can’t make it to our office so often. 

Of course, this system only partially takes the place of you visiting our office. You still need to come in for appointments as deemed necessary by Dr. Melanie, but this high-tech system allows you to enjoy more time out of the treatment chair while it stays closely monitored.

How Does It Work?

To begin your virtual check-in, all you need is your smartphone and the provided attachment. Place it on your phone and snap photos of your grin as prompted by Dr. Melanie. It takes just 60 seconds to complete! Once your photos are finished, send them using the Grin app portal, where they go directly to Dr. Melanie and our team. 

She can then review them and respond to you with a private, HIPAA-compliant message updating you on your progress, if there are necessary adjustments and anything else to inform you of. If you have questions, the app offers a regular messaging system with easy access to our team so you can let us know of any questions or concerns you have throughout your treatment.

Typically requesting check-up photos once a week, Dr. Melanie will let you know how often she would like to monitor. The frequency may vary depending on your smile goals and how quickly your teeth have shifted. 

Is My Treatment Still Being Monitored By Dr. Melanie?

Yes! Dr. Melanie is still overseeing your progress and making adjustments as needed according to the scans you send us. These more frequent check-ins, combined with her expertise in tooth and jaw alignment, allow our team to make detailed changes to your treatment because we see your teeth more often. We will be by your side each step of the way!

Grin Virtual Monitoring

How Can Your Experience Benefit From Grin?

Spend Less Time In The Treatment Chair

As mentioned, Grin allows us to check in with you more frequently and convenient to your schedule without needing you to travel to our Rancho Santa Fe or San Diego offices. By seeing how your teeth are shifting remotely, we can schedule appointments at the perfect time and know your needs before you even walk in.

Submit Your Scans From Anywhere

It doesn’t matter how far away you are from Dr. Melanie Orthodontics; you can take photos anywhere so long as you have your phone and mouthpiece attachment. By routinely using Grin, you proactively work towards a more marvelous smile wherever you go.

All Your Progress Accessible In One Place

Grin stores all of your photos throughout treatment within the app so you and our team can access them easily. You can look back at your tremendous progress and see exactly how your smile has changed each week. This visual record can motivate you to keep doing what you’re doing and helps us see how certain adjustments are taken to provide more particular care. 

Patient Experience: Eva, a College Student

Thanks to Grin, we are able to provide care for college students like Eva. She had wanted to straighten her smile for years, and now, entering her final year of studies, she prioritized getting it done. The only problem? Dr. Melanie Orthodontics is over an hour’s drive from her university. 

With the help of Grin, Eva didn’t have to make that drive every few weeks and was still provided with the high-quality care we offer during in-person appointments. We could check in on her treatment progress through the photos she provided us each week and only have her in the treatment chair when necessary. She completed her smile journey on time and achieved the goal she had been chasing!

Grin Virtual Monitoring

Look After Your Smile From Home!

At Dr. Melanie Orthodontics, we value your time as our patient and want to make the most of each appointment, and that includes only asking you to come in as needed. We are passionate about delivering amazing smiles for our patients and will do everything possible to make it happen. Contact our office to learn more about your orthodontic needs and what we can do for your smile. Schedule your free consultation with us today!