Grin Remote Monitoring

Grin Remote Monitoring

Check Ups With Remote Monitoring

Dr. Melanie is all about designing beautiful smiles as conveniently as possible. That’s why we’re offering Grin® remote monitoring system to our clear aligner patients. With the Grin app, you send quick scans of your teeth to Dr. Melanie from wherever you are. We’ll then review your scans and send you a message back through the app. Grin reduces the need for in-person checkups while keeping your orthodontist up-to-date on your clear aligner progress. Getting a designer smile couldn’t be easier!

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What Is Grin Remote Monitoring?

Grin allows us to provide virtual orthodontic check-ups throughout your clear aligner treatment, whether you’re using Invisalign®, 3M Clarity Aligners or TLC Aligners™. All you need is your smartphone, the Grin app, the Grin mouthpiece and 60 seconds to take orthodontist-ready scans of your teeth. Send your scans to Dr. Melanie and she’ll review them through our Grin portal, messaging you back through the app with her assessment. Get a designer smile with orthodontic oversight, without sitting in the chair for every check up.

How it works
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How Does the Grin Remote Monitoring System Work?

  • We’ll give you the reusable mouthpiece to attach to your phone and personal access to the Grin app.
  • Dr. Melanie will let you know how often you need to check in. Typically, it’s once a week.
  • For your remote check-ins, you’ll take scans of your teeth, attaching the mouthpiece to your phone’s camera and submitting the scans through the app.
  • Your San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe orthodontist will process and review your scans on our Grin software, comparing them to previous scans and tracking your progress in real time.
  • Dr. Melanie will send you a secure, HIPAA-compliant message through the Grin app letting you know if your prescribed tooth movements are on track or if adjustments are required. We can also let you know if it’s time to move on to your next clear aligner trays or if you should stay with your current aligners for a certain amount of time.
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Will My Clear Aligner Treatment Still Be Monitored by Dr. Melanie?

Simply put, yes! With Grin remote monitoring, you’ll still receive Dr. Melanie’s top-notch patient care and expert oversight, just as you would with in-person check ups. In fact, with more frequent check-ins, we’re able to fine-tune your treatment for even more personalized results. Plus, you can message us through the app anytime you have a question or concern about your treatment. No need to leave a message at reception, send an email or wait until you’re in the chair.

What Are the Benefits of Grin Remote Monitoring?

  • Save time by reducing your in-person visits while still getting your designer smile. We’ll opt for in-person appointments only when necessary.
  • Gain more control for better results. More frequent progress checks means Dr. Melanie can make adjustments to your treatment on-the-fly.
  • Get more value out of your designer treatment. The convenience of this remote monitoring service is a free perk from us at Dr. Melanie Orthodontics.
  • Follow your progress in real-time since all your scans and assessments are all in one place and available for you to review at any time.
  • Play an active role in your own smile design, which can be motivating, empowering and fun. Celebrate how far you’ve come with every check-in!
  • Have confidence knowing your treatment is always on track and your designer smile is progressing as it should.

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