3M™ Clarity™ Aligners

3M™ Clarity™ Aligners

All You’ll See Are Results

3M™ Clarity™ Aligners are virtually invisible, removable aligners that help our patients get healthy, beautiful smiles more comfortably and conveniently. The Invisalign alternative allows us to treat a wide range of cases with clear aligners. To find out if you’re a candidate for Clarity Aligners in San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe, schedule a complimentary consultation at Dr. Melanie Orthodontics.

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What are Clarity Aligners?

Clarity Aligner treatment involves a series of clear, removable, BPA-free plastic aligners custom designed by your orthodontist just for your smile. The aligners exert steady, gentle pressure to shift the teeth into place. As you progress through your trays, your new smile takes shape bit by bit.

The cool thing is Dr. Melanie has really pioneered a unique hybrid approach to treatment using a combination of Clarity Aligners and braces for certain patients with complex cases. So, even if you wouldn’t traditionally be a candidate for treatment with clear aligners, you may be at our practice, allowing you to have an aesthetic option without compromising your results!


3M Clarity Aligners are clear, smooth and custom molded to fit your mouth, making them nearly undetectable. You can keep your orthodontic treatment under wraps!


3M Clarity Aligners give Dr. Melanie maximum flexibility. She can treat a range of issues with just aligners or, in complex cases, do hybrid treatment with aligners and braces.

Eat What You Love

3M Clarity Aligners are removable and you’ll take them out to brush and floss your teeth and eat. This means there are no food restrictions and oral hygiene is simple.

Shorter Visits

You’ll never have emergency repair appointments and your check-ups will be shorter because, unlike braces, aligners don’t need to be tightened or adjusted.

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