TLC aligners

TLC aligners

Treatment That’s as Custom as it Gets

Dr. Melanie is all about creating truly custom treatment that meets your smile needs. That’s one of the reasons she has her own in-office brand of clear aligners, TLC Aligners. Because she designs and prints them in the office, she has complete control over the process from start to finish and can make adjustments on the fly for better results. To find out if you’re a candidate for TLC Aligners, schedule a complimentary consultation with our San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe orthodontist.

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What are TLC Aligners?

TLC Aligners are our own in-house brand of clear dental aligners. Just like Invisalign or Clarity Aligners, they’re made from clear, smooth, BPA-free plastic. We take digital scans of your teeth, which are then sent to our software. Dr. Melanie maps out your tooth movements directly on the computerized 3D rendering of your mouth. She creates different dental models each featuring your teeth gradually moving closer to their final positions. She then uses her 3D printer to print these models and makes the clear aligner trays using a thermo vacuum forming process.

Since everything is done in the office, Dr. Melanie has full control over it and greater flexibility. So, say you want limited treatment or just need minor corrections, we can create the exact number of trays you need, allowing you to get results more quickly and affordably.

Clear and Comfortable

TLC Dental Aligners are smooth and clear. They’re a comfortable, discreet way to get the smile of your dreams without brackets and wires.


Dr. Melanie can print as many or as few aligners as she needs and make adjustments as necessary, giving her greater flexibility.


We skip the middleman (or woman!) and design and print the aligners in our office. We then pass on the savings to our patients.

Saves Time

Since the aligners aren’t being shipped from another state or country, you’ll get them more quickly and adjustments or replacements can be made right away.

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