Personalized Orthodontics for Patients with Special Needs

We know clinical settings and new environments can be tough for patients with special needs and/or high anxiety. As the mom of a child with special needs herself, San Diego orthodontist Dr. Melanie Wang has your back! At Dr. Melanie Orthodontics, we treat patients with a wide variety of conditions, ranging from anxiety to autism spectrum disorder, with extra care and support.

When your child visits us for treatment, you can expect:

  • Genuine care and positive reinforcement from a friendly team
  • To see the same orthodontic assistant every time
  • Accommodations like adjusting appointments into multiple shorter visits at no extra cost
  • Cutting-edge technology to make the process fast and comfortable
Personalized Orthodontics for Patients with Special Needs

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    We believe every patient has a puzzle piece that fits here!

    In addition to Dr. Melanie, three of our team members also have kids with special needs, or special abilities as we call it. We translated our experience into creating a calm, happy, empowering environment for patients with a range of emotional, cognitive, physical, developmental and medical conditions. Dr. Melanie is always willing to make accommodations at no extra cost to ensure your child or teen feels safe and secure, because she gets it.

    Our inclusive, personalized approach starts at the very first visit. From offering kids a plush toy to hold to taking the time to explain exactly what to expect at each step, our friendly team puts patients at ease. If your child has sensitivities or trouble sitting still, have no fear. We use all digital everything, from x-rays to impressions, for fast, painless diagnostics and care.

    Dr. Melanie will work with you to decide on the ideal treatment option for your child’s individual situation. And to ensure their smile journey is stress-free and positive, your child will see the same orthodontic assistant every time, and we can make any necessary adjustments. We’re here to create healthy smiles and healthy self-esteem, and we’ll encourage and champion your child (and you!) from start to finish.

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    Meet the Doctor

    Your San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe orthodontist, Dr. Melanie Wang, grew up in the area she now serves. As the daughter of a dentist, you could say perfecting smiles is in her genes! Dr. Melanie attended UCLA School of Dentistry, a top-tier dental school, before completing her orthodontic specialty training at St. Louis University in Missouri.

    Dr. Melanie opened her first practice in 4S Ranch in 2007 and has been offering exceptional, high-tech orthodontic care to her patients ever since. She’s dedicated to making treatment as comfortable, convenient, affordable and, yes, as fun as possible.

    Before & After

    before overbite overjet 2 after overbite overjet 2

    Excessive overbite and overjet, teenage patient

    before underbites after underbites

    Early treatment for underbites

    before crowding 1 after crowding 1

    Severe crowding in an adult patient

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    Why Choose Us

    You’ll feel right at home at our comfy, welcoming offices in San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe. We treat you like part of the fam and make the experience fun.

    From 3D printing to digital treatment planning, we use the latest technology and techniques for more comfortable, efficient appointments and treatments.

    Busy life? Challenge accepted! We offer same-day starts, flexible scheduling, and efficient care that fits your lifestyle.

    If you’re looking for an experienced San Diego orthodontist for special needs care, look no further! Dr. Melanie Wang, certified specialist in orthodontics, and her highly trained team have been perfecting smiles with braces and Invisalign since 2007 and specialize in treating patients with a variety of healthcare needs.

    We accept most insurance and offer flexible financing options. We work with you to make sure treatment suits your budget.

    Orthodontics and autism, anxiety, Down syndrome and any other condition can go hand in hand with a tailored treatment plan. Dr. Melanie will create just that, and help you decide on which of our clear aligner and braces options will work best for your child.

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    Rave Reviews

    Anamica T.

    Dr. Melanie is the best. Besides being an amazing person she is an awesome Orthodontist. Staff is very professional and friendly staff who always try to go above and beyond to make it personal. They pay attention to the smallest details to ensure kids are very comfortable. I’m very satisfied and happy with Dr. Melanie ‘s work to make my daughter’s smile beautiful. I would highly recommend Dr. Melanie for any orthodontic needs.

    Sirena H.

    Dr. Melanie is so caring and gentle with kids and adults! I can't say enough wonderful things about her and her staff! I have loved every single interaction with her. She's an amazing orthodontist!

    Jennifer F.

    There are lots of choices when choosing an orthodontist. Dr. Melanie shows her patients how much she appreciates them all the time. She always has fun things for her patients and families to build community and have fun. She makes my son love going into the office and see what is coming up. It’s been a great experience!

    Naren C.

    You can tell a lot about a practice though their actions. One of my patients had an emergency while in San Diego and I reached out to Dr. Melanie. I was super impressed to hear from my patient on the FANTASTIC service she received from Dr. Melanie & her team. If they treat a visiting patient like this, I can only imagine the EXCELLENT care they give to all of their patients 🙂 I give them my highest recommendation!

    Sandra M.

    It is very rare to find an orthodontics that your kids are excited to go visit. I had to visit Dr. Melanie for my daughter’s braces and my son had to go through a jaw/bite re-alignment. Both took about 18 months of visits. I told my son in a few weeks he will have to go back and get braces for another 18- month process. He was excited to visit Dr. Melanie and her staff again. They are all very friendly and they make you feel at home. I highly recommend them!

    Red B.

    All my boys look forward to go to Dr. Melanie... A great staff and friendly atmosphere. I think the boys like the juice supply and freshly baked cookies more than the service ;). She works well with teaching the boys to take care of their teeth with and without the braces. Half the clan has gotten treatment and the other 2 will surely go to get for othodontics services.

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