iTero™ Digital Impression System

iTero™ Digital Impression System

No Mess. No Stress.

Back in the day (and, sometimes, still at certain practices), your orthodontist would ask you to bite into a tray filled with putty and you’d hold it in your mouth while you gagged so they could make an impression of your teeth. Well, not at our office! We use the iTero Digital Impression System to take comfortable, quick digital scans. It’s easy, painless, and mess-free. To experience the iTero® difference for yourself, schedule a complimentary consultation at Dr. Melanie Orthodontics today!

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How Does the iTero Digital Impression System Scanner Work?

One of the team members at our Rancho Santa Fe or San Diego orthodontics office will use the compact, handheld wand to scan your teeth and gums. High-definition images will show up almost instantly on our computer screen and a 3D model of your dental anatomy will be created. The process only takes a few minutes. Dr. Melanie will use the model to map out your tooth movements for your treatment plan or to create custom retainers, aligners or indirect bonding templates.


You don’t have to bite into gross, goopy impression materials. You can breathe and swallow naturally during the 3D scan.


Since digital scanning uses a laser to generate the images, you’re not exposed to any radiation at all. It’s safe and painless.

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Digital impressions are highly accurate, allowing us to create truly custom aligners and retainers that fit perfectly.


The scan itself only takes a few minutes and the digital impressions show up almost immediately on our screen.

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