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Thanks to technology, there are more options for straightening your teeth than ever before. Aside from the many types of braces or clear aligners available, you now have the ability to get straighter teeth from the comfort of home. But not all at-home orthodontic systems are created equally. Most of the mail-order brands you see online might promise fast results, but in reality, they are not backed by orthodontists.

But we have good news! At Dr. Melanie Orthodontics, you can get the best of all worlds: expert orthodontic care with Dr. Melanie Wang, beautiful results in less time and the freedom to get your dream smile at home. With Grin Remote Monitoring, there’s no need for frequent trips to your Rancho Santa Fe and San Diego orthodontist. This high-tech, at-home orthodontic system allows you to straighten your teeth in the fastest, most convenient way possible.

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    What Is Grin Remote Monitoring?

    Grin allows us to provide virtual orthodontic consultations throughout your clear aligner treatment, whether you’re using Invisalign®, 3M Clarity Aligners or TLC Aligners™. All you need is your smartphone, the Grin app, the Grin mouthpiece and 60 seconds to take orthodontist-ready scans of your teeth. Send your scans to Dr. Melanie and she’ll review them through our Grin portal, messaging you back through the app with her assessment. Get a designer smile with orthodontic oversight, without sitting in the chair for every check up.

    How it works
    grin monitoring

    Before & After

    before overjet overbite 1 after overjet overbite 1

    Excessive overjet and overbite due to weak lower jaw

    before crowding 1 after crowding 1

    Severe crowding in an adult patient

    before underbite 1 after underbite 1

    Sever underbite, adult patient

    before overbite overjet 2 after overbite overjet 2

    Excessive overbite and overjet, teenage patient

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      Meet the Doctor

      San Diego orthodontist Dr. Melanie Wang grew up in the area she now serves. As the daughter of a dentist, you could say perfecting smiles is in her genes! Dr. Melanie attended UCLA School Dentistry, a top-tier dental school, before completing her orthodontic specialty training at St. Louis University in Missouri.

      Dr. Melanie opened her first practice in 4S Ranch in 2007 and has been offering exceptional, high-tech orthodontic care to her patients ever since. She’s dedicated to making treatment as comfortable, convenient, affordable and, yes, as fun as possible.

      Benefits of Grin Remote Monitoring


      It’s never been easier to track the progress of your smile than with Grin Remote Monitoring. You no longer need to see your orthodontist for check-ins — just submit your self-scans through the app!


      The Grin App and Grin Scope use state-of-the-art technology to take accurate, precise scans of your mouth so your orthodontist has all the information they need to monitor your smile.

      Easy to Use

      Taking your own scans is incredibly simple. The App will first guide you to turn your phone horizontally, then to stand in front of a mirror and place the scope in your mouth to complete the scan.

      Orthodontist Approved

      Other at-home orthodontic systems are not approved, backed or monitored by orthodontists. When you use the Grin App, you know you’re getting the specialized expertise you expect.

      No Disruption

      Using the Grin App means minimal disruption to your life. Since you won’t have to make regular visits to your Santa Diego or Rancho Santa Fe orthodontist, you’ll have more time to do the things you love.

      Faster Results

      You might have less face time with your San Diego or Rancho Santa Fe orthodontist when you use Grin Remote Monitoring, but that doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice results. In fact, it just means you’ll likely see your brand new smile sooner!

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      Rave Reviews

      Anamica T.

      Dr. Melanie is the best. Besides being an amazing person she is an awesome Orthodontist. Staff is very professional and friendly staff who always try to go above and beyond to make it personal. They pay attention to the smallest details to ensure kids are very comfortable. I’m very satisfied and happy with Dr. Melanie ‘s work to make my daughter’s smile beautiful. I would highly recommend Dr. Melanie for any orthodontic needs.

      Sirena H.

      Dr. Melanie is so caring and gentle with kids and adults! I can't say enough wonderful things about her and her staff! I have loved every single interaction with her. She's an amazing orthodontist!

      Jennifer F.

      There are lots of choices when choosing an orthodontist. Dr. Melanie shows her patients how much she appreciates them all the time. She always has fun things for her patients and families to build community and have fun. She makes my son love going into the office and see what is coming up. It’s been a great experience!

      Naren C.

      You can tell a lot about a practice though their actions. One of my patients had an emergency while in San Diego and I reached out to Dr. Melanie. I was super impressed to hear from my patient on the FANTASTIC service she received from Dr. Melanie & her team. If they treat a visiting patient like this, I can only imagine the EXCELLENT care they give to all of their patients 🙂 I give them my highest recommendation!

      Sandra M.

      It is very rare to find an orthodontics that your kids are excited to go visit. I had to visit Dr. Melanie for my daughter’s braces and my son had to go through a jaw/bite re-alignment. Both took about 18 months of visits. I told my son in a few weeks he will have to go back and get braces for another 18- month process. He was excited to visit Dr. Melanie and her staff again. They are all very friendly and they make you feel at home. I highly recommend them!

      Red B.

      All my boys look forward to go to Dr. Melanie... A great staff and friendly atmosphere. I think the boys like the juice supply and freshly baked cookies more than the service ;). She works well with teaching the boys to take care of their teeth with and without the braces. Half the clan has gotten treatment and the other 2 will surely go to get for othodontics services.

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