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Wedding season’s coming up. And whether for brides or grooms, the wedding party or guests, it’s nice to have a beautiful smile for the occasion. And if you’re not attending a wedding this summer? Why not get a refreshed, designer smile to take you confidently through all the BBQs, beach hangs, and poolside parties of the season.

For a limited time, Dr. Melanie Orthodontics, San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe’s expert orthodontist, is offering custom orthodontic smile touch ups with clear aligners — starting from $750.

What Is a Smile Touch Up?

For some, the orthodontic treatment they had when they were younger is now starting to shift back. Maybe their retainer wear slowed down over the years and a few crooked teeth or minor gaps began appearing. A smile touch up from Dr. Melanie Wang is a fast, affordable way to fix mild cosmetic issues with teeth, with the benefit of expert orthodontic oversight.

How Does a Smile Touch Up Work?

To fix mild orthodontic issues in a short amount of time, a limited number of custom clear aligners are 3D printed using an in-house 3D printer and based on Dr. Melanie’s specifications. You wear and switch out your clear aligner sets on your own at home. At the prescribed intervals, you check in with Dr. Melanie in-person or virtually a few times throughout treatment. Check-ins ensure treatment progresses safely and effectively.

In a few short months, the result is a straighter, more beautiful smile — just in time for those wedding photos or summer fun. Patients in the San Diego area can take advantage of this limited time pricing starting at $750 for the stunning smile they’ve been hoping for.

Treatment for More Complex Cases

Now, all this chat about quick Smile Touch Ups might be getting you wondering about more complex orthodontic problems. If you have more complex teeth misalignment or bite issues like an overbite or underbite, these won’t be solved with a Smile Touch Up. However, the team at Dr. Melanie Orthodontics is happy to help you get a beautifully straight and healthy grin with comprehensive clear aligner or braces treatment.

About Dr. Melanie Wang

Consider Dr. Melanie a “smile engineer,” an expert in designing custom smiles at her family-friendly practice. She uses the latest innovations in orthodontic technology at her San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe orthodontic offices to ensure comfortable, efficient, and fun orthodontic experiences. As a board certified orthodontist, you can also trust that Dr. Melanie provides top-level care backed by the latest industry knowledge and ongoing professional development.

Dr. Melanie grew up in San Diego and loves her community. She also has had a lifelong relationship with teeth as the daughter of a dentist. Having had braces herself for three years, Dr. Melanie knows what the orthodontic experience is like and goes above and beyond to provide the best designer smile experience possible for her patients.

She went to the UCLA School of Dentistry and completed her orthodontic specialty training at St. Louis (Mo.) University. She is Board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics.

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