Before and After

Before and After

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At Dr. Melanie Orthodontics, there’s nothing we love more than seeing our patients look and feel their best with a beautiful, confident smile. Browse our smile gallery to see some of our awesome patients’ amazing results!

palm leaf left
before overjet overbite 1 after overjet overbite 1

Excessive overjet and overbite due to weak lower jaw

before crowding 1 after crowding 1

Severe crowding in an adult patient

before underbite 1 after underbite 1

Sever underbite, adult patient

before open bite 1 after open bite 1

Severe anterior open bite, teenage patient

before missing left lateral incisor after missing left lateral incisor

Missing left lateral incisor, peg (small) right lateral incisor

before underbites after underbites

Early treatment for underbites

before overbite overjet 2 after overbite overjet 2

Excessive overbite and overjet, teenage patient

before overjet after overjet

Excessive overjet, adult patient treated with CAT

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