Meet Dr. Melanie

Meet Dr. Melanie

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About Dr. Melanie Wang

The oldest of three daughters of a Poway dentist, she was a kid who never had a cavity. She did have three years of braces, and the day she got them off was the happiest day of her life! It was no surprise to anyone that she decided to become an orthodontist.

After graduating from University of California at San Diego with a degree in biology and minor in teaching, she got into her “dream school,” UCLA School of Dentistry, one of the nation’s most selective, top-tier dental schools. She showed her passion for helping others by working as an SAT-prep instructor and representing her class as the social chair. She was elected class president during her junior and senior years, and was selected to speak at graduation – a huge achievement for the student who, in third grade, was voted “Quietest Voice.”

She completed her orthodontic specialty training at St. Louis (Mo.) University under the guidance of Dr. Rolf Behrents. The research for her thesis became a study published after her residency in a 2009 issue of Angle Orthodontist. (You can read “Mandibular Rotation and Remodeling Changes during Early Childhood” here.)

Dr. Melanie opened the first orthodontic practice in 4S Ranch in October 2007. She is married to Dr. Jimmy Wang, a general dentist, and they have three children who are at Oak Valley Middle and Del Sur Elementary. Dr. Melanie has served as a volunteer for her children’s classes, and she and Jimmy are proud Title sponsors of Del Sur Elementary. When they aren’t at their offices or shuttling their kids around town, you can find them doing jujitsu, training for a race or relaxing at the beach.

Her philosophy is simple: Take what you love and work tirelessly at it. That’s family, community, kids — and teeth!

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