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At Dr. Melanie Orthodontics, we’re all about designing beautiful smiles with the right balance of convenience and precision. That’s why we leverage the latest technology to provide the highest quality orthodontic treatment in San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe. And when it comes to convenience, it doesn’t get much better than the Grin® remote monitoring system.


With Grin, we give our clear aligner patients the easiest, most convenient way to check in with Dr. Melanie and keep their orthodontic treatment on track — all from the comfort of home. The process is super simple and means you’ll spend more time doing the things you love and less time in the orthodontist’s chair. In this post, your Rancho Santa Fe and San Diego orthodontist will share:


  • What Grin remote monitoring is
  • How the Grin app works
  • The benefits of Grin remote monitoring


What is Grin Remote Monitoring?


Grin remote monitoring is an innovative tool that allows us to provide virtual orthodontic check-ups throughout your clear aligner treatment, whether you’re using Invisalign®, 3M Clarity aligners or TLC aligners™. In fact, even your first appointment can be virtual (request one here!). All you need is your smartphone, the Grin app, the Grin mouthpiece and 60 seconds to take orthodontist-ready scans of your teeth. You’ll send your scans to Dr. Melanie and she’ll review them through our Grin portal. Then she’ll message you back through the app with her assessment.


Since you can use the app from wherever you are, Grin reduces the need for in-person check-ups while keeping your orthodontist up-to-date on your clear aligner progress. Getting a designer smile couldn’t be easier!



How Does the Grin Remote Monitoring System Work?

A woman using a Grin Remote Monitoring mouth piece

Dr. Melanie demonstrates using the Grin mouthpiece for orthodontic consultations


Using Grin is super easy. We’ll give you a reusable mouthpiece to attach to your phone and provide you with personal access to the Grin app. Dr. Melanie will let you know how often you need to check in, but typically you’ll send your scans in once a week. 


For your remote check-ins, you’ll take scans of your teeth by attaching the mouthpiece to your phone and giving the app access to your camera. Then you simply submit the scans through the app. Your San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe orthodontist will process and review your scans on our Grin software, compare them to previous scans and track your progress in real time. Dr. Melanie will send you a message through the Grin app letting you know if your prescribed tooth movements are on track or if adjustments are required. We can also let you know if it’s time to move on to your next clear aligner trays or if you should stay with your current aligners for a certain amount of time.



Will My Clear Aligner Treatment Still Be Monitored by Dr. Melanie?

A hand holding a smartphone with the Grin app open. The user is uploading a scan using the app.

The Grin app allows Dr. Melanie to monitor your orthodontic progress

This is one of the first questions we get about remote monitoring, so we want to answer it right here and now. And the answer is yes! With Grin remote monitoring, you will absolutely still receive Dr. Melanie’s top-notice patient care and expert oversight, just as you would with in-person check-ups. In fact, with more frequent check-ins, she’ll be able to fine-tune your treatment for even more personalized results. Plus, you can message Dr. Melanie through the app any time you have a question or concern about your treatment. No need to leave a message at reception!



What Are the Benefits of Grin Remote Monitoring?

An orthodontist uses the Grin app on a smartphone and demonstrates a mouth scan

Dr. Melanie helps you keep on track with your treatment using the Grin app!


So what exactly will you get out of using Grin remote monitoring? How does Grin complement your clear aligner treatment? Here are some of the amazing benefits of this top-of-the-line orthodontist technology:


  1. Save time by reducing your in-person visits. Our clear aligner patients often ask us, “How often are orthodontist appointments?” Usually, you’d need to see your orthodontist approximately once a month, but with Grin, you’ll only need in-person appointments when absolutely necessary. That’s because we’re monitoring your progress through the app each month, so you can get your designer smile without needing to spend hours in our office.


  1. Gain more control for better results. While you’ll have much fewer orthodontist appointments, you will still need to do monthly virtual check-ins. More frequent progress checks mean Dr. Melanie can make adjustments to your treatment on-the-fly, once again reducing the need for further in-office visits.
  2. Get more value out of your designer treatment. We believe everyone should have access to this awesome and convenient perk. No extra fees or hidden costs — Grin remote monitoring is on the house!
  3. Follow your progress in real-time. Since all your scans and assessments are all in one place, they’re available for you to review at any time. Dr. Melanie will also send you feedback through the app so you’ll always know exactly where your treatment is at.
  4. Play an active role in your own smile design. Being in charge of your own scans can be a motivating and empowering way to take ownership of your new smile. Not to mention it’s also fun! As you work your way through clear aligner treatment, you can celebrate how far you’ve come with every check-in.
  5. Have confidence knowing your treatment is always on track. With Grin, you really get the best of both worlds: the convenience of at-home check-ins with Dr. Melanie and the peace of mind that your designer smile is progressing as it should. Of course, if you want to see Dr. Melanie in person, we’re more than happy to welcome you into the office. Grin remote monitoring is part of the new hybrid orthodontic treatment model where you can benefit from both remote and in-person appointments.


Want to learn more about Grin remote monitoring? Ready to take advantage of the most convenient way to get a designer smile? Contact Dr. Melanie Orthodontics to book a consultation today.

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