3D Printer

3D Printer

Next Level Innovation

Think of Dr. Melanie as your smile engineer! She’s been using a 3D printer in-office since 2018. This gives her complete control over the appliances she creates and allows for faster turnaround and better results. Dr. Melanie uses her 3D printer for pretty much everything at our practice, including making in-house clear aligners, retainers and indirect bonding trays for braces.

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High Resolution

Our cutting-edge 3D printer is accurate and has a higher resolution than many of the printers used at commercial labs. This means better quality appliances and a perfect fit.


Having our own 3D printer allows for greater flexibility. If a patient needs a minor tooth movement or a treatment plan has to be adjusted, we can modify and print appliances for better efficiency.

3d printer

Quick Turnaround

Instead of waiting weeks for a lab to print and then ship retainers or other appliances, Dr. Melanie can do it right in the office. The process is faster and more environmentally friendly.


Since Dr. Melanie is designing the appliances and printing them, she’s in charge of the entire process from start to finish. This allows for more control and, ultimately, enhanced results.

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